Your smile is unique

A healthy dentition is important, not only for your health but also in the pursuit of well-being. Let’s work together to make your smile shine.
Citysmile offers a high-level medical expertise and technical platform for dental care, both for children and adults. Beyond the quality of the care provided, we aim to reduce the obstacles that patients may face through a respectful approach tailored to each individual situation.
100% Kindness, 0% Judgment

You’re going to love changing your mind about the dentist.

Lack of time, budget constraints, anxiety: we make it a point of honor to address your specific challenge with a winning solution that grants you access to dental care. From interventions ensuring your health to aesthetic treatments that contribute to your well-being, Citysmile guarantees you high-quality medical results at a fair price, in a comfortable and intimate setting.

Your smile is unique
Your smile is unique
Your smile is unique
Your smile is unique
Your smile is unique
Your smile is unique
Your smile is unique
Your smile is unique

To savor life
to the fullest!

The dentist is the guardian of the health of your teeth and gums. Our team welcomes you to Geneva, in the city center, at a dental clinic where everything is brought together to offer you the best care experience. Plus, a smile 🙂

Whether you seek the expertise of a general dentist or a specialist, our team provides a thorough diagnosis to create a personalized treatment plan addressing your unique needs. Explore the diverse fields of intervention offered by your dentist in Geneva, including oral surgery, periodontics, orthodontics, and implantology



A multidisciplinary team

Dentists, specialists, dental hygienists, and dental assistants ensure you receive high-quality treatment.

We adapt to you

The clinic is open non-stop
from Monday to Wednesday, from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM,
and from Thursday to Saturday, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

A warm and
serene experience.

Enjoy a pleasant welcome in a contemporary and inviting setting, equipped with state-of-the-art technology.


Thanks to our expertise, you will regain perfect dental health
and a radiant smile. Don’t hesitate to consult us about any aesthetic issue that
concerns you. We have the solution!

Hygiene and Prevention
Dental Cleaning for New Patients with Two X-rays ~155.-
Dental Cleaning outside of the offer (without X-rays) ~ 169.-
Dental Cleaning for children under 12 years old ~ 113.-
Check-up with a dentist Between 80.- and 180.-
Quick Stain Polishing 55.-
Protective Mouthguard (Michigan) ~ 700
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General Dentistry
Dental emergency Between 100.- and 300.-
Cavity treatment From 190.- to 412.-
Root canal treatment Between 450.- and 1200.-
Replacement of metal fillings From 190.- to 412.-
Inlays – Onlays From 1200.-
Dental Crown From 1500.-
Dental Bridge From 3000.-
Periodontal Treatment Between 400.- and 2000.-
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Cosmetic Dentistry
Chairside Whitening 499.-
Home Bleaching 399.-
Internal Bleaching ~ 720.-
Veneer From 1400.-
Dental Jewelry ~ 80.-
Tooth Alignment From 3000.-
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Dental Surgery
Dental Implant + Crown From 3200.-
Wisdom tooth extraction Between 150.- and 450.-
Bone Graft Upon quotation
Gum graft Upon quotation
Apicectomy Upon quotation
Surgical Periodontology Upon quotation
Oral Medicine and Pathology Upon quotation
Dental Cyst Excision Upon quotation
Panoramic Radiography 188.-
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Pediatric Dentistry
Dental Emergency Between 100.- and 250.-
Check-up with a dentist Between 80.- and 180.-
Dental Cleaning for Children (under 12 years old) 113.-
New Patient Dental Cleaning with Two X-rays (from 12 years old) 155.-
Dental Cleaning outside of the offer (from 12 years old, without X-rays) 169.-
Cavity Treatment Between 190- and 412.-
Dental Fissure Sealant ~ 200.-
Orthodontics From 3000.-
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First Orthodontic Consultation Between 120.- and 200.-
Orthodontic Treatment From 3000.-
Invisalign (gouttières transparentes) From 3000.-
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Dental Prosthesis
Removable Partial Denture Between 550.- and 2900.-
Removable Full Denture Between 2200.- and 2900.-
Full Denture with Implant Attachment Upon quotation
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We are dedicated to combating healthcare avoidance because we believe that in today’s world, every individual should have the opportunity to maintain their health and enhance their appearance, particularly their smile. Our pricing is carefully structured to be both competitive and, more importantly, accessible. Rest assured, our rates never compromise the quality of the service we provide, which we always strive to make impeccable.


We see our profession as a true collaboration with our patients.

We take the time to explain our therapeutic approach and its future course so that we can work with complete confidence, in shared serenity.