Anesthesia with The Wand STA System

The Wand STA” anesthesia is a local anesthesia system used in dentistry to make dental procedures painless.

The Wand system consists of a very thin handle and needle  connected to a small computer that controls the  pressure in the tissues as well as the  amount and speed of injection, to significantly reduce the pain associated with this procedure.

This system also allows our dentists to perform highly targeted anesthesia by reducing the unpleasant sensations due to dental anesthesia, something that is difficult to achieve with a conventional syringe.

This system is particularly suitable for children and adults with a phobia of injections.

The Wand system is used to anesthetize the tissues of the mouth during dental procedures, such as root canal treatments, tooth extractions, cavity treatments and restoration work.

The Wand System is considered a safe and effective treatment option for the administration of local anesthesia.

The Wand Anesthesia: The Ideal Solution for Needle Phobia

Dental anesthesia is often a source of apprehension, especially for those who fear needles. That's why we are proud to offer The Wand anesthesia at our clinic. Specifically designed for needle-phobic patients, this modern method allows for precise and gentle anesthesia without the sight or sensation of a traditional needle. With The Wand, make your dental visit a more serene and pleasant experience. Your comfort is our priority.
Our rates
Home Bleaching : 399.-

Chairside Whitening : 499.-
Inlays - Onlays : From 1200.-

Frequently Asked Questions

How does The Wand work?

Thanks to its control technology, it administers the anesthetic at an optimal rate, minimizing pain.

Is The Wand anesthesia safe?

Absolutely. It is considered a reliable and effective treatment option.

How long does anesthesia with The Wand last?

The duration varies depending on the amount administered, but it is generally similar to traditional anesthesia.

Is The Wand suitable for children?
 Yes, The Wand is often preferred for children due to its gentle administration.
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