Dental bridge: a prosthesis to replace one or more missing teeth

The absence of one or more teeth has an impact on the aesthetics of the smile, but also on health. Indeed, a “hole” in the mouth hinders speech and chewing. The dental bridge, is one of the possible solutions. Is it preferable to an implant? How is it made? The answers to your questions can be found here.

What is a dental bridge?

This prosthesis forms a bridge between two teeth. It consists of several crowns, most often three in number; they can be metallic, ceramo-metallic, or full ceramic.

The steps of placing a dental bridge

The bridge rests on teeth called “pillars”. These are first prepared by the dentist. The pillars teeth will be covered each by a crown. Therefore, a bridge usually has at least 3 crowns.

After the teeth have been prepared, the dentist makes a  3D digital impression of the teeth to make a custom bridge. A temporary prosthesis can be placed between the two appointments.

  • Bridge

  • On teeth called “pillars

  • 3D digital impression

  • Custom bridge

Bridge or implant: which prosthesis to replace a missing tooth?

The choice of a bridge or an implant depends on different factors. The implant is necessary when no tooth can serve as a pillar for the dental bridge, or when we want to preserve the structure of the teeth close to the missing one .

Advantages and disadvantages of bridge:


  • Its installation is fast
  • Its appearance is close to that of natural teeth, provided you choose ceramic crowns
  • Long life span, 10 years or more.

Its strength largely depends on the health of the pillar teeth. It is therefore imperative to have excellent oral hygiene and to have your teeth checked at least once a year at the dentist office.

Our rates
Dental Bridge : From 3000.-

Our dental clinic adheres to the SSO dental pricing.

Dental Crown From : From 1500.-
Check-up with a dentist : Between 80.- and 180.-

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I need a dental bridge?

A dental bridge helps to restore chewing function, enhances the aesthetics of the smile, prevents neighboring teeth from shifting, and maintains the shape of the face.

How long does a dental bridge last?

With proper care and good oral hygiene, a dental bridge can last between 10 and 15 years or even longer.

How do I maintain my dental bridge?

It is recommended to brush and floss regularly, have regular check-ups with your dentist, and avoid chewing very hard foods with the bridge.

What is the difference between a dental bridge and an implant?

How long does it take to get a dental bridge placed? Typically, you should plan for two dental appointments, spaced about a week apart, for the placement of a dental bridge. An implant replaces the root of a missing tooth, while a bridge uses adjacent teeth as support to replace a missing tooth without affecting the bone.

How long does it take to get a dental bridge placed?

Typically, you should plan for two dental appointments, spaced about a week apart, for the placement of a dental bridge.

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