Piezoelectric surgery: "soft" surgery

In our dental clinic in Geneva, we are equipped with cutting-edge technology as the piezoelectric surgery device.

Piezoelectric surgery is an advanced surgical technique used in dentistry. It involves using an electronic device that produces high-frequency vibrations to cut and shape bone precisely and preserve surrounding soft tissues such as gums,  nerves or blood vessels. This means less bleeding and faster healing after the procedure.

Piezoelectric surgery is particularly indicated for sinus floor elevation (Sinus lift), a surgical procedure to increase the height of the bone in the maxillary sinus area to allow the placement of dental implants. It is also used in other oral surgical procedures, such as

 Wisdom teeth extraction, apical resection, and preparing the bone for implantation.

Our rates
Wisdom tooth extraction : Between 150.- and 450.-
Dental Implant + Crown : From 3200.-
Check-up with a dentist : Between 80.- and 180.-

Frequently Asked Questions

What procedures can be performed with this technique?

It is commonly used for bone grafts, complex extractions, and other oral surgeries.

Is it safer than traditional techniques?

The precision and preservation of soft tissues reduce the risks associated with other methods.

How long is the recovery after piezoelectric surgery?

While it varies depending on the individual and the procedure, the recovery is often faster than with traditional methods.

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