Partial dentures

A removable partial denture is a dental appliance designed to replace one or more missing teeth. They are usually used when it is not possible to use dental implants or when the patient does not wish to use this option.

There are several types of partial removable dentures

The different types of removable dentures

  • Metal based removable partial dentures (they consist of a metal frame covered with acrylic resin. They are strong and durable.
  • Removable partial dentures made of acrylic resin: they are made of acrylic resin alone. They are less durable than metal prostheses.
  • Temporary removable partial dentures are temporary dental appliances designed to replace one or more missing teeth while waiting for the installation of a permanent denture.
  • Metal based

  • Acrylic resin

  • Temporary

The realization of a removable partial denture includes several steps:

  • Dental exam: The dentist performs an examination of the mouth and teeth to determine if a removable partial denture is the best solution to replace the missing teeth.
  • Impressions: impressions of the mouth are taken to create a model of the dentition.
  • Prosthesis manufacturing: The prosthesis is made using materials such as acrylic resin or metal.
  • Adjustments The prosthesis is adjusted and tested to ensure that it fits properly in the mouth and is comfortable to wear.
  • Dental exam

  • Impressions

  • Prosthesis manufacturing

  • Adjustments

The maintenance of a partial denture

The maintenance of a partial removable dental prosthesis is important to maintain its cleanliness and extend its lifespan. Here are some maintenance tips:

  • Clean the denture every day with a denture brush, then rinse it thoroughly with water.
  • Wear the denture during the day and remove it before sleeping to allow your gums to rest and breathe.
  • Consult your dentist regularly to check the condition of your denture and for any adjustments.
Our rates
Removable Partial Denture : Between 550.- and 2900.-

Our dental clinic adheres to the SSO dental pricing.

Removable Full Denture : Between 2200.- and 2800.-
Full Denture with Implant Attachment : Upon quotation

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose a removable denture?

They are often chosen for their lower cost compared to other solutions and their ease of adaptation.

Does a removable denture affect speech?
There may be a slight alteration in pronunciation initially, but over time, it adjusts.
How does the denture stay in place in my mouth?

It is designed to fit snugly in your mouth and may use clasps or other retention mechanisms.

Should I remove my denture at night?

It is recommended to do so to allow your gums to rest and to facilitate denture cleaning.

do you have a question?
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