Optical dental impressions

Optical dental impressions is an innovative technology that makes it possible to make a high-precision model of a patient’s mouth. The impression is made using a device that scans the patient’s mouth and creates a 3D model of their teeth and gums.

The digital 3D model created by optical impression is very accurate, which makes it possible to create dental prostheses such as veneers, crowns, onlays or orthodontic appliances tailored to each patient. It also allows a 3D visualization of the patient’s teeth and gums, which can be useful for planning complex dental treatments, and for performing simulations, such as a smile design.


Optical Impressions: Putting an End to Uncomfortable Impression Paste

Forget about the discomfort of thick paste in your mouth during traditional dental impressions. With optical impressions, enjoy a more comfortable, quick, and precise experience. This advanced technology also ensures better-fitting prosthetics for a perfect smile.

The Advantages of 3D Modeling

Here is a list of the advantages of optical dental impressions compared to traditional dental impression made with paste:


  • Accuracy : The optical dental impression is much more accurate than the traditional dental impression, resulting in higher quality dentures and braces.
  • Speed : The optical dental impression is much faster to perform than the traditional dental impression, which can be appreciable for patients.
  • Comfort : the optical impression is much more comfortable for the patient, who does not have to suffer the unpleasant sensation of the paste in his mouth.
  • 3D visualization: The optical impression is used to create a 3D model of the patient’s mouth, which can be useful for planning complex dental treatments or for visualizing teeth and gums accurately.
  • Communication with the patient and the dental laboratory is facilitated.


In summary, optical dental impression is a cutting-edge technology that offers many advantages over traditional dental impressions. It makes it possible to make precise impressions and create custom-made prostheses and orthodontic appliances, while offering maximum comfort for the patient. If you want to know more about this technology, do not hesitate to make an appointment in our dental clinic in Geneva to discuss it with our dentists.

  • Accuracy

  • Speed

  • Comfort

  • 3D visualization

  • Communication

Our rates
Intraoral Radiography : ~20.- CHF

Panoramic Radiography : 188.- CHF

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a digital dental impression?

It’s a technology that allows for the precise digital capture of the mouth using a special camera.

Is optical impression painful?

No, the process is entirely painless.

How long does the optical impression procedure take?

Usually just a few minutes, depending on the area being scanned.

Is optical impression suitable for all patients?

Yes, it is suitable for patients of all ages, including children.

Will I see the results of the optical impression immediately?

Yes, the image is displayed in real-time during the capture.

How does optical impression affect the turnaround time for dental prosthetics?

Through digital technology, the turnaround time can be shortened compared to traditional methods.


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