Children's orthodontics

Orthodontic treatment for children aims to correct problems with  tooth and jaw alignment in young patients. Orthodontic treatment for children may be indicated to correct problems such as misaligned teeth, misaligned jaws, overlapping teeth  and spaces between teeth by also acting on bone growth.



There are various orthodontic treatment options for children

Children's orthodontics typically includes fixed appliances like braces and wires, as well as removable appliances. The orthodontist may recommend a treatment option based on the complexity of the correction needed.

Stages of Pediatric Orthodontic Treatment

Pediatric orthodontic treatment typically follows several stages. Firstly, the child visits an orthodontist to assess the position of their teeth and jaw. Then, a treatment plan is developed using 3D images of the child’s mouth, along with photographs and dental X-rays.

During orthodontic treatment, it is important to follow the orthodontist’s instructions for at-home care and follow-up appointments. This may include instructions for appliance maintenance, practicing good oral hygiene, regular cleanings, and pain management.

The total duration of pediatric orthodontic treatment varies depending on the complexity of the correction needed, but generally, it can last from 6 months to several years.

At the end of treatment, children can expect to have well-aligned teeth and a correct bite, which can improve the functionality and appearance of the mouth. Pediatric orthodontic treatment can also help prevent future dental problems.

  • Orthodontist

  • Treatment plan

  • 3D images

  • Photographs

  • Dental X-rays

  • Oral hygiene

  • Duration

  • 6 months to several years

Preventive and interceptive orthodontics

Preventive and interceptive orthodontics is a form of early orthodontic treatment aimed at correcting tooth and jaw alignment problems in young patients. Interceptive orthodontic treatment is often recommended when orthodontic problems are detected early before they become more complex and difficult to treat.

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Orthodontic Treatment : From 3000.-
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to address my child to orthodontics at a young age?

Early diagnosis can prevent more serious problems, simplify future treatments, and, in some cases, avoid surgery.


Can Thumb-Sucking Cause Children to Need Braces?

Prolonged thumb-sucking can affect jaw growth and tooth alignment. If this habit persists beyond the age of 4, it may be necessary to consult an orthodontist.

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